True Love Teasers November 2017

True Love Teasers November 2017

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Wednesday 1 November 2017 

Episode 75 

Divya is touched when she overhears Ichcha and Tapasya’s conversation. Is she becoming fond of Ichcha?

Episode 76 

Damini threatens to expose Pushkar to Jogi when he refuses to answer her questions about her husband. Meanwhile, Tapasya tells her father that Ichcha is sticking to her promise made to him.

Thursday 2 November 2017 

Episode 77 

Grandma asks Damini to leave their house when she hears the accusations against her. Meanwhile, could Jogi be behind the disappearance of Damini’s husband?

Episode 78

Jogi kicks Pushkar out of his home when he realizes that Pushkar has lied to him and Damini. Will Pushkar leave without a fight?

Friday 3 November 2017  

Episode 79 

Pushkar tells Damini that Jogi has killed her husband and shows her some proof. How will she react to this?

Episode 80 

Damini is ready to leave the Mansion after she confronts Jogi Thakur for killing her husband. Will she resign immediately from the family that took her husband away from her?

Monday 6 November 2017

Episode 81 

Divya falls down the staircase when Tapasya and Ichcha put up a fight as they refuse to be separated. Will Damini be the only person able to help her?

Episode 82 

Jogi Thakur confesses his crime to Divya and tells her how Damini saved her life. Meanwhile, Divya asks Damini for forgiveness and makes her promise never to leave them ever.

Tuesday 7 November 2017 

Episode 83 

Divya returns home and tells Damini to move into one of the rooms inside the mansion with her daughter, Ichcha. How will she feel about this?

Episode 84 

Damini breaks the news to Ichcha about her father.

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Episode 85 

Tapasya gets scolded at when Jogi shouts at her for touching Ichcha’s new stuff, which Grandma uses to her advantage. What is she about to do?

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Episode 86 

Tapasya gets a little jealous when she sees her father spending some time with Ichcha. How will she handle the situation?

Thursday 9 November 2017 

Episode 87 

Grandma tries her best to turn Divya against Damini. Will she succeed in her evil endeavour?

Episode 88 

It seems as though Tapasya’s jealousy may be affecting her mind. Is she about to tear up all of Ichcha’s stuff?

Friday 10 November 2017 

Episode 89 

Tapasya becomes very envious of Ichcha when she wins a drawing competition at the school and Ichcha is announced as the special talent of their school.

Episode 90 

Ichcha realizes what Tapasya has done to her books. How will she handle the situation?

Monday 13 November 2017 

Episode 91 

Tapasya is upset because of the attention and love that her parents have been giving to Ichcha. Will she speak to them about it?

Episode 92 

Ichcha says her poem at the recital but Tapasya gets upset when she gets a special mention from the teacher.

Tuesday 14 November 2017 

Episode 93 

Divya and Jogi try their best to make Tapasya understand that she is still the apple of their eye. Meanwhile, Tapasya indirectly insults Ichcha and tells her not to attend her party.

Episode 94

Tapasya tries to give Ichcha a reality check in front of everyone by making her clean up at the party. How will Ichcha handle the issue?

Wednesday 15 November 2017 

Episode 95

Sumitra convinces Tapasya to break her bicycle so that her father will buy her a new one. Will Jogi find out what she is getting up to?

Episode 96 

Ichcha is disheartened when Tapasya lashes out towards her and tears all her paintings down. Will Damini intervene?

Thursday 16 November 2017

Episode 97 

Jogi has a very emotional conversation with Tapasya to get her to understand their situation. Will she apologize to Ichcha and Damini?

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Episode 98 

Ichcha requests Jogi to allow her to celebrate a friend’s birthday at their home. How will he respond to this?

Friday 17 November 2017 

Episode 99 

Everyone celebrates Taklu’s birthday at Anjum Nani’s house, whilst Tapasya feels as though Ichcha is happier at that home than the Mansion.

Episode 100 

Jogi lets Ichcha sleep in his room when Damini has to leave as she is scared. How will Tapasya feel about this?

Monday 20 November 2017 

Episode 101 

Divya verbally thrashes the maidservant, Jyoti, for leaving Ichcha alone at night and going out. Meanwhile, Tapasya and her parents enjoy a horror movie together.

Episode 102 

Divya reminisces about how she had behaved with Damini in the past but Damini asks her to forget about the past. Meanwhile, Tapasya intentionally abandons Ichcha at the school picnic in order to get rid of her. Will Ichcha be okay?

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Episode 103 

Damini starts to panic when she realizes that her daughter has gone missing. Meanwhile, Ichcha faints in the forest when she sees something that scares her. What could it be?

Episode 104 

Jogi comes to the forest and searches for Ichcha feverishly. When he finds her, will she open up to him about what she had seen?

Wednesday 22 November 2017 

Episode 105 

Jogi feels suspicious about Tapasya and questions her as to what had happened with Ichcha. Tapasya initially lies to him but finally reveals the truth. How will Jogi feel about this?

Episode 106 

Ichcha and Jogi both realize what Tapasya has been up to. How will they deal with their emotional trauma after this?

Thursday 23 November 2017 

Episode 107 

Tapasya is heart broken when she finds out that her parents want her to leave. Who will she turn to for help?

Episode 108 

Tapasya gets ready to leave her home and attend her new boarding school. Will she manage to adapt to the new lifestyle?

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Friday 24 November 2017 

Episode 109 

Tapasya breaks down and lashes out on Ichcha over the phone. Will they be able to maintain their friendship after this?

Episode 110 

Tapasya misbehaves at her new school to a point where her principal gets involved. What is she about to do?

Monday 27 November 2017 

Episode 111 

Tapasya wants Ichcha to convince her parents to bring her back home. Meanwhile, Tapasya faints and ends up in the hospital. What could be wrong with her?

Episode 112 

Jogi and Divya find out that their love is all Tapasya needs to get better. Will they bring her back home?

Tuesday 28 November 2017 

Episode 113 

Tapasya makes Ichcha promise her that she will make Tapasya happy when it comes to her parents. What is Ichcha about to do?

Episode 114 

Damini receives a letter from a stranger. Meanwhile, Ichcha tries her best to keep Tapasya happy.

Wednesday 29 November 2017 

Episode 115 

It seems as though Damini may receive some money from her late husband. Meanwhile, Tapasya and Ichcha share a very light hearted moment at school.

Episode 116 

Damini gets emotional and thanks Divya and Jogi for their care towards herself and Ichcha throughout the years.

Thursday 30 November 2017 

Episode 117 

Sumitra Devi intentionally spoils Ichcha’s makeup, so that she can’t dance along with Tapasya in the front row at the annual day. We now take a 10 year leap and see a new lifestyle of Ichcha and Tapasya.

Episode 118 

Tapasya inaugurates Kuki’s new flower shop which leaves everyone full of smiles. Meanwhile, Ichcha helps a young man stay motivated to be successful.



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