When I Fall In Love Teasers November 2017

When I Fall In Love Teasers November 2017

Wednesday 1 October 2017
Episode 144

Agustin is worried because Renata is cold and distant. Meanwhile, Nesme starts drinking and takes Karina to an abandoned cabin.

Thursday 2 October 2017
Episode 145

Agustin figures out that if Renata thinks he’s a murderer, it means Ezequiel is a traitor. Meanwhile, Karina is starting divorce proceedings so she can marry Lazaro.

Friday 3 October 2017
Episode 146

After Renata almost runs Anibal over on his motorcycle, she takes him to Agustin’s house but he gets mad at Anibal when he tells Agustin that he’s his father.

Monday 6 October 2017
Episode 147

Manuela’s granddaughter arrives at Pretty Girl and Geronimo lets her stay for as long as she needs. Later, Panchita finds a box which contains pictures and papers from the time Renata and Roberta were babies.

Tuesday 7 October 2017
Episode 148

After Renata almost runs Anibal over on his motorcycle, she takes him to Agustin’s house but he gets mad at Anibal when he tells Agustin that he’s his father.

Wednesday 8 October 2017
Episode 149

Agustin requests Melesio’s services and gives him precise instructions. Later, Alfonsina hears Ezequiel tell their baby that he wants to disappear.

Thursday 9 October 2017
Episode 150

After Ezequiel’s “suicide”, Agustin tries to make everyone believe he killed himself because he was afraid they would find out he had been in jail for robbery.

Friday 10 October 2017
Episode 151

Josefina goes to the Monterrubio mansion with Doctor Ojeda to pick up some money Roberta is going to give her. Later, Roberta is upset because of the comments she heard German make to Honorio about her.

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Monday 13 October 2017
Episode 152

Ibarrola wants to continue his relationship with Roberta but she has decided to string him along. Elsewhere, Lazaro doesn’t believe Ezequiel’s problems were as bad as to make him take his own life.

Tuesday 14 October 2017
Episode 153

Jeronimo is detained and taken to the police station due to Agustin’s accusation. Later, Regina asks Luciana to credit the money they could recover to Jeronimo’s account.

Wednesday 15 October 2017
Episode 154

Fina calls Roberta to tell her she should do everything she asks if Roberta doesn’t want to lose everything. Later, Roberta tells Chema that Adriana is not his girlfriend, she’s Matias’s fiancée.

Thursday 16 October 2017
Episode 155

Agustin proposes to Anibal to stay longer so that they get to know each other, but in reality he wants to know what happens in Renata’s life now that his son will see Alison more often.

Friday 17 October 2017
Epiosde 156

Renata goes to the jail where Alvaro is being held to demand that he tell the truth; that Jeronimo had nothing to do with his faked death. Meanwhile Constanza, is still very attached to Corina’s baby.

Monday 20 October 2017
Episode 157

Saul is trying to convince Marina to forgive him and to start a new life together. Elsewhere, Antonio informs Jeronimo of Saul’s intentions and what kind of man he is.

Tuesday 21 October 2017
Episode 158

In the psychiatric unit, Doctor Ojeda, Josefina and Blanca pay Corina for a job well done and tell her to leave the city immediately. Meanwhile, Saul is doing everything he can to win Marina over.

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Wednesday 22 October 2017
Episode 159

Alfonsina shows up at his office to ask Agustin for her husband’s salary, Later, Benjamin asks Julieta to be in charge of the restaurant so that Chema’s dream is not forgotten, she promises to think it over.

Thursday 23 October 2017
Episode 160

Jeronimo gets a letter from the Ecclesiastic Court telling him that his religious marriage hasn’t been annulled. He decides he’s going to have a civil wedding with Renata again.

Friday 24 October 2017
Episode 161

It seems that Corina abandoned her baby with Constanza, the latter is happy taking care of Amparito at her house. Elsewhere, Marina tells Saul she will make everybody believe that she accepted his proposition.

Monday 27 October 2017
Episode 162

Jeronimo tells Agustin that his religious marriage was not annulled. Meanwhile, Marina tells his uncle she has decided to accept Saul’s proposal and is going with him to Mexico City.

Tuesday 28 October 2017
Episode 163

Marina places Jeronimo on the spot when she asks him to choose between her with their babies and Renata. Later, Agustin sees Saul to go over the details of the plan he made to snatch Renata away from Jeronimo.

Wednesday 29 October 2017
Episode 164

The police come to Constanza’s house to detain her for kidnapping a baby. Elsewhere, Matias gives Adriana a puppy with an engagement ring on its collar.

Thursday 30 October 2017
Epiosde 165

A search to find Jeronimo is organised. Agustin shamelessly offers to look for him in the neighbouring ranches. Later, Blanca tells Josefina that she has the money stolen from Gonzalo.

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