[UPDATED] Binnelanders teasers July 2017

Binnelanders teasers July 2017

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Monday 3 July 2017
(Episode 016/2772)

A resignation shocks Jana, and an uncomfortable confrontation takes place in the Ferreira’s house. Justin has Bronwyn in his cross hairs, while Deon says goodbye to Pretoria and his friends.

Pippa feels overwhelmed, and Tim tries to protect his family in his own way. Steve asks At for the photos, while denial of a problem also has its consequences.

Tuesday 4 July 2017
(Episode 017/2773)

Photos remain a headache in the Abrahams household, and Joe’s murderer makes contact. Justin tries to sway Bronwyn from her plans, while Steve tries to keep his father-in-law in check. A blood test leads to a conversation between Karli and Noami, and Benny gives Bronwyn an ultimatum.

Wednesday 5 July 2017
(Episode 018/2774)

Jana has more than one good reason to feel stressed, while Pippa needs to give At and Conrad an explanation. Tim is not happy with Bronwyn’s actions, and Steve gives Justin a warning. Tertius has run out of patience with a friend, and Bronwyn’s parents are fresh new targets…

Thursday 6 July 2017
(Episode 019/2775)

Pippa is livid with Ilse, and suddenly Jana realises that the party is creating more expectations than what she is prepared for. Time is running out for Bronwyn, while Conrad goes the extra mile to save someone from themselves. Annelize grabs an opportunity with both hands, and scheming runs in Bronwyn’s blood.

Friday 7 July 2017
(Episode 020/2776)

Pippa and Tertius have an honest conversation in her flat, and it is difficult for Bronwyn not to be herself. Benny is put under pressure, while Steve shares good news with Tim. Jana puts her foot in it, and At has a problem with his wife’s guest list. Dian sparks a little war, and Ilse tries to console and support Jana.

Monday 10 July 2017
(Episode 021/2777)

Jana is more stressed out about talk of a wedding than the party, and Annelize doesn’t let an opportunity go by to push the dagger in someone’s back a bit deeper.

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Tertius’s actions in the ER has far reaching consequences, especially when At gets involved. Steve can’t get hold of Bronwyn, and Benny is untouchable as he thought.

Tuesday 11 July 2017
(Episode 022/2778)

At is on the war path, while Karli wants to speak for Tertius. Bronwyn’s life is in danger, while Jana’s plea falls on deaf ears. Annelize and Tertius are not equally excited about the night’s party, and not all power plays have a happy ending. The Koster party starts off on the wrong foot because of foul moods – and then Jana shares bad news with At.

Wednesday 12 July 2017
(Episode 023/2779)

At takes his frustrations about the Nagskof staff out on Louis, and Steve and Tim are worried about Bronwyn. At finds out more about the complaint that was lodged, while Annelize tries to squeeze Tertius for information. A man’s day changes because of a first meeting with Tracy, and Bronwyn needs to face her demons. Vanessa stuns At and Jana.

Thursday 13 July 2017
(Episode 024/2780)

Bronwyn struggles to reassure Lexi, while Louis is encouraged to make that important phone call. A piece of information regarding Vanessa’s case piques At’s interest, and Tim proves that family always comes first.

Bronwyn informs Pippa about Tertius, while Ross is more than what meets the eye. Harsh words are flung between Tertius and At, and a date doesn’t go according to plan.

Friday 14 July 2017
(Episode 025/2781)

Louis realises with a shock who Tracy is, while Annelize is asked to give her professional opinion on an HPCSA case. At is frustrated with Jana’s berating, and Conrad finds out what the fuss is about when Pippa and Naomi discuss a case.

Karli tries her best to support Tertius, while Steve turns into an overprotective father. Louis opens up his heart to Naomi.

Monday 17 July 2017
(Episode 026/2782)

A shortage of information could have a negative impact on a doctor’s case, while Binnelanders shares and university admission are the subjects of discussion in the Abrahams household.

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Louis’s guilty conscience is making his life difficult, while Karli thinks Tertius should meet with Vanessa. House rules cause a problem for two love birds, and Alice is a sensitive subject for Tracy.

Tuesday 18 July 2017
(Episode 027/2783)

Dinner is ruined by a confession, and Tertius’s divided attention causes problems in the ER. Annelize’s good advice is ignored, while objectivity and agendas are becoming a problem in the Koster’s relationship. Naomi warns Louis about Tracy, while Alice can easily manipulate her sister.

Wednesday 19 July 2017
(Episode 028/2784)

Pain medication is a reason for manipulation, while Lexi plays open cards about Ross. Tertius might eventually have a fair chance to state his case – but first he will have to endure a board meeting.

Conrad is sure he has an idea that At won’t be able to ignore, and Steve and Lexi talk about her future. Alice’s temper tantrums are really scary.

Thursday 20 July 2017
(Episode 029/2785)

A conversation about love leaves Louis with a lot of hope, while Jana tries to get At to change his mind. Lexi’s relationship is under the spotlight – as is her plans for her future.

Tracy knows how to get her way with a man, and an official shareholder becomes a fly in the ointment. Promises need to be kept, while loyalty and Binneland Clinic’s needs cause a rift in a relationship.

Friday 21 July 2017
(Episode 030/2786)

Steve is worried about Lexi, while Karli threatens to quit. Alice’s pain pills are a big concern, and a phone call upsets Naomi.

At and Jana are at loggerheads over Annelize, and Ross refuses to change his future plans. Tracy causes problems between Louis and his friends, while Annelize doesn’t mince her words when she bumps into At.

Monday 24 July 2017
(Episode 031/2787)

Tertius’s guest shocks a visitor, while Tracy’s money problems come up in a conversation with Louis. Jana tries to make peace with At, and Louis and Naomi’s fight attracts attention in Tonik.

Conrad tries to determine a doctor’s loyalty, while Lexi’s health is becoming a concern. Annelize convinces Vanessa to take a stand, and a kiss and a knife could both spell trouble.

Tuesday 25 July 2017
(Episode 032/2788)

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Annelize is spinning her web, while Alice is not impressed with Tracy’s praises. Louis’s happiness doesn’t last long, while Tracy isn’t sure which version of a story to believe. Lexi’s news catches her parents off guard, and a number of a lawyer comes in very handy.

Wednesday 26 July 2017
(Episode 033/2789)

At gives in to Louis’s requests, and Herman has his work cut out for him when he arrives in Pretoria. Conrad realises what is going on when Binneland Clinic is also sued, while Tracy’s mother is the key to the truth.

Annelize is warned about At, and Lexi is determined to stick with her decision. Tracy takes the wind out of Louis’s sails, while Alice knows exactly how to prevent cold feet…

Thursday 27 July 2017
(Episode 034/2790)

Tertius and his gang decide to take on a problem academically, and Steve and Bronwyn tries to persuade Lexi of her plans.

Tracy, at the request of Alice, can be very convincing, while Jana tries her best to keep her family together. A barbeque is the backdrop for a battle cry, and Jana’s bracelet lands up in the wrong hands.

Friday 28 July 2017
(Episode 035/2791)

Tertius realises someone has it in for him, and At is worried about the master plan. Louis surprises Tracy with a gift, while a call angers Steve tremendously.

Annelize is not ready to let go, and Lexi tries her best to defend herself. Alice’s plans are getting more and more dangerous, while Karli has no idea how to be more supportive.

Monday 31 July 2017
(Episode 036/2792)

Lexi tries to clear the air, and it is the biggest day in Tertius’s career. At reprimands Louis over Friday night’s debacle while Karli is frank about her fears.

Alice accuses Tracy of becoming a liability. A misunderstanding could have a happy (and lasting!) effect, while co-habiting is a topic of discussion elsewhere.


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