The Bold and the Beautiful Teasers December 2016

The Bold and the Beautiful Teasers December 2016 have now been updated – The Bold and the Beautiful Teasers are now available.

Thursday 1 December 2016
Episode 240 (7203)  

Liam questions Thomas’ motives when Steffy informs him that her brother has developed a sudden interest in Ivy. Wyatt begrudgingly admits to Ivy that he is concerned about Thomas becoming a problem in their relationship.

An unexpected interruption during their first sonogram appointment causes an uncomfortable moment for Caroline and Ridge. Following the intrusion, Caroline finds it more difficult to keep the true paternity of her baby a secret.

Friday 2 December 2016
Episode 241 (7204)  

Despite having told Nicole that he supports her decision to carry Maya and Rick’s baby, Zende still has reservations. Maya and Rick fear that a change in Zende’s opinion could jeopardize their chances of having a baby.

Even Ridge’s reassurance that the real paternity of the baby will never be revealed can’t prevent Caroline from fearing that Brooke will be the one to figure out the truth. An innocent interaction with Liam reveals a secret that Brooke has been keeping.

Monday 5 December 2016
Episode 242 (7205)      

Caroline scrambles for the correct answers when Liam interrogates her about how she was able to become pregnant so quickly. Maya becomes concerned that Nicole is having second thoughts about the surrogacy after she witnesses an intimate moment between her sister and Zende.

Suspicions arise for Thomas when Brooke voices how surprised she was to hear of Caroline’s pregnancy. When Caroline divulges that Liam knows about the vasectomy, Ridge confronts Brooke regarding his secret that she disclosed.

Tuesday 6 December 2016
Episode 243 (7206)  

Liam becomes more observant about the interactions taking place during a Forrester Creations’ staff meeting, especially after announcing that he is writing an article about Ridge and Caroline’s baby.

Frustrated by his inability to get through to Nicole to change her mind, Julius makes a harsh confession to Vivienne about their daughter.

Nicole, Maya, and Rick hope for the best as they prepare themselves for a very important doctor’s appointment. Thomas makes another attempt to mend the tarnished relationship he has with Ridge.

Wednesday 7 December 2016
Episode 244 (7207)  

Steffy plays mediator between Ridge and Thomas in an attempt to mend their relationship. Liam pressures Caroline to reveal to him what is really causing her unusual behaviour.

Thursday 8 December 2016
Episode 245 (7208)

Overhearing a private conversation between Ridge and Caroline where his name was mentioned, Thomas demands to know what they were saying about him. Being privy to information about Ivy, Steffy questions Wyatt regarding the intensity of their relationship.

Wyatt confesses to Steffy about the one and only problem that he and Ivy are currently facing. Thomas uses his charm, talent and position at Forrester Creations to get closer to Ivy.

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Friday 9 December 2016
Episode 246 (7209)

Wyatt calls Steffy out on the reason behind her sudden change from being an ambitious extrovert to someone content with quiet evenings at home. When Bill presents Liam with an international work assignment, he declines the request due to a more pressing matter.

Ivy confronts Thomas about the real reason why he’s been incessantly hitting on her. Having revealed a juicy secret to Steffy, Thomas adds amusement to the details by suggesting a wager between them.

Monday 12 December 2016
Episode 247 (7210)    

Knowing that the stakes are extremely high, Steffy contemplates taking Thomas up on his proposed bet. While planning to go on a business trip with Quinn, Wyatt asks a significant favor of Ivy while he is away.

Liam is more certain about his plan for the future than any other decision that he has ever made. With Wyatt conveniently out of town and a storm rolling in, Thomas sees a tempting challenge presented before him.

Tuesday 13 December 2016
Episode 248 (7211)               

Steffy’s distracted attention puts a damper on the romantic evening Liam has planned for them. Despite Thomas’ best efforts to woo her, Ivy remains determined to abide by her commitment to Wyatt.

Even though deep down he is concerned about Ivy being under the same roof as Thomas, Wyatt refuses to admit it. Multiple denials from Ivy make Thomas even more determined to win the bet that he has with Steffy.

Wednesday 14 December 2016
Episode 249 (7212)  

Well aware of what her brother is up to, Steffy gives Wyatt a heads-up that he should be concerned about Thomas and Ivy. With the intention of keeping the momentum in their romantic evening going, Steffy refrains from telling Liam about what is going on at the Forrester mansion.

Quinn takes advantage of being alone with Wyatt to tell him what she really thinks about his relationship with Ivy. As the storm passing through Los Angeles intensifies, so does the chemistry between Ivy and Thomas.

Thursday 15 December 2016
Episode 250 (7213)

Nicole senses that something has changed for Zende when she sees him for the first time since her big announcement. Ivy sets Thomas straight that what transpired between them the night before will never happen again.

Thomas is confident that he is the better man for Ivy than Wyatt is and implores her to weigh her options. Feeling guilty about her bet with Thomas, Steffy worries about how Wyatt will react when he learns the truth about Ivy.

Friday 16 December 2016
Episode 1 (7214)      


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Being so far away from their home in Chicago, Vivienne feels lonely, detached, and unknowing of how they are going to spend their first Thanksgiving in Los Angeles. Wanting an update on their proposed bet, Steffy grills Thomas about whether his evening with Ivy was a success.

When asked by Wyatt about her time while he was away, Ivy omits the details concerning Thomas. Willing to put their differences aside for the holiday, Maya pays a visit to her parents.

Monday 19 December 2016
Episode 2 (7215)

Family and friends gather together at the Forrester mansion to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. When Steffy witnesses a moment between Thomas and Ivy, she wonders if her brother has been completely honest with her.

Eric revisits the tradition of past Thanksgivings by instructing those at the table to give a kind statement about the person sitting next to them. Some of the sentiments spoken by the guests aren’t as easy to deliver as others.

Tuesday 20 December 2016
Episode 3 (7216)      

Unaware of what she knows, Liam wonders why Steffy has suddenly taken an interest in Wyatt and Ivy’s relationship. Carter senses that Thomas is genuinely interested in someone when he unusually dismisses the flirtations of interested ladies.

Ivy feels uncomfortable and guilty when Thomas makes innuendos about their evening together in front of Wyatt. Despite his charm and persistence, Ivy puts Thomas in his place regarding her devotion and loyalty to Wyatt.

Wednesday 21 December 2016
Episode 4 (7217)    

Without telling him about her night with Thomas, Ivy assures Wyatt that he is the only man for her. Steffy isn’t completely convinced when Thomas tells her that nothing further will happen between him and Ivy. Bill and Katie revel in the happiness within their marriage and families.

Concerned about Wyatt and unable to keep the information to herself, Steffy tells Liam about Thomas and Ivy. Liam has a stern word of advice for Steffy concerning her desire to tell Wyatt.

Thursday 22 December 2016
Episode 5 (7218)    

Ivy is put on the spot when Steffy confronts her about her fling with Thomas and how Wyatt needs to be told. Still thinking that Thomas has eyes for Ivy, Wyatt warns him to back off and respect his relationship. Knowing about Ivy and Thomas’ night together, Liam interrupts Wyatt’s rant regarding his girlfriend’s loyalty towards him.

Bill and Katie discuss who they think are the right women for Liam and Wyatt. Ivy intends on freeing her conscience of her guilt.

Friday 23 December 2016
Episode 6 (7219) 

Ivy is embarrassed when Liam admits that he knows she cheated with Thomas when Wyatt was out of town. Thomas is caught off-guard when Quinn comes to see him about jewelry, but instead, confronts him about his attraction to Ivy.

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Quinn further surprises Thomas with a confession of her own. Wyatt thinks that Steffy is mistaken when she accuses Ivy of being unfaithful to him with Thomas. Ivy fears that she could lose Wyatt, but, feels that he deserves to hear the truth from her.

Monday 26 December 2016
Episode 7 (7220)  

Liam is particularly irritated when Steffy reveals that she went against his advice and told Wyatt about Ivy and Thomas. A heartbroken Wyatt questions Ivy about what would drive her into the arms of another man, especially Thomas.

Quinn and Thomas’ scheming is interrupted by a minor crisis in the Forrester showroom. Ivy is livid when Wyatt reveals that Steffy is the one who told him about her and Thomas.

Tuesday 27 December 2016
Episode 8 (7221)     

Rumours fly throughout Forrester Creations following an unfortunate interaction between Steffy and Ivy. Still fuming from the news of Ivy’s betrayal, Wyatt angrily vents to Liam while receiving consolation in return.

Having confessed to Thomas about what happened between her and Ivy, Steffy fears what Liam’s reaction will be when he finds out?

Wednesday 28 December 2016
Episode 9 (7222)    

Wyatt and Thomas attempt to set aside their disdain for each other while awaiting word on Ivy’s prognosis. Thomas can’t help but feel a tinge of guilt when the topic of who is to blame is brought up.

Unaware of the details of Ivy’s accident, those concerned at Forrester Creation speculate on Steffy’s involvement. Zende tries his best to be supportive of Nicole as her pregnancy begins to have an effect on their relationship.

Thursday 29 December 2016
Episode 10 (7223)

Steffy realizes that Liam does not fully believe her when she tells him that she did not intentionally mean to cause Ivy harm. Wyatt puts Thomas in his place when he interrupts a private moment between him and Ivy.

Maya witnesses firsthand how Nicole’s pregnancy is beginning to take a toll on her sister’s relationship with Zende. Sensing that Thomas knows something, Wyatt pressures him to reveal Steffy’s part in Ivy’s accident.

Friday 30 December 2016
Episode 11 (7224)        

Liam overhears Steffy making a startling admission to unconscious Ivy. Nicole’s favour to Maya begins to impact her burgeoning relationship with Zende.


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